Economics in Gaming

Economics in Gaming #4

Price Gouging This is likely going to be a more controversial topic, but I urge you to keep an open mind.  I have discovered a few examples in video games where a particular “practice” is demonized and used as part of certain quests that grant you the title of “hero” […]

Economics in Gaming #3

Supply and Demand The most basic of economic principles is that of supply and demand. Just about every economic argument comes down to how supply and demand are affected. Supply refers to the goods that a producer is willing to part with at a given price, whereas demand refers to […]

Economics In Gaming #2 3

Make Yourself Scarce… That Was Fast Scarcity is probably one of the most misunderstood economic concepts. Scarcity is central to all economic disciplines. It is the reason why we have to make decisions. It’s basically the reason why there is such thing as trade, desire and poverty. The word “scarce” […]

Image depicting barter

Economics In Games: Your Caps Are No Good Here

To start this new series I would first like to welcome Garion to the crew. He is writing his first article with us and hopefully he will continue to write with us in the future.Without further ado here is our first installment of Economics in Gaming. In the Fallout […]