About The Aeither

Aeither.net is a website where you choose your experience. All our writers express their perspectives in very different ways, whether that be through a randomized list of opinions, direct competition, or expression through…”art”. Feel free to explore Aeither.net and determine which personality you best connect with. It is all out there somewhere…


St. Pluto’s (Dalton): A web-comic based on an intergalactic vet hospital. It follows the lead veterinarian and his new recruit vet tech on misadventures throughout the hospital as the lead doc teaches the tech the ways of the universe through creepy beings and their even creepier pets.

Dalton’s Art Corner (Dalton): Random drawings, sketches, or pieces done in Dalton’s spare time. You will find a great deal of his art inspired by comics and magic-filled worlds.

Roll the List (Collaborative): Roll the List starts as a spreadsheet filled with a myriad of rules (such as top 3-10 and Head-to-Head), categories (cult, best, controversial), qualifiers (party, drama, sci-fi, whaaaaat?!?) and media (music, movies, video games). They are selected through a series of dice rolls so the all the Aeither writers can submit their thoughts. A great look at different perspectives.

Moviephors (Dalton): Each film carries with it metaphorical or symbolical elements. Whether intentional or unintentional, the metaphors can range from the obvious to the obscure, and range based on the worldview and perspective of the viewer. Here we will glance at the metaphors we find in movies throughout history.

Poster Chat (Kyle Hagan): What happens when an asshole Captain America poster and Kyle try interacting on a social level? Find out here every week. 

Economics In Gaming (Garion): EiG is about making economic concepts more accessible. The goal is to help people realize how much of a role economics plays in their lives and how understanding it can be beneficial. Also, Garion is kind of a cantankerous old man at times, so that’s probably amusing.

Boxed Culture (Kyle): Here is where we talk about board gaming. Trying to make it more accessible to everyone by simplifying terminology and introducing you to the games you will someday love.

TL;DR Rants (Dalton): Occasionally Dalton has things to say that just kind of go on and on. This is where he spills his guts. Often it is too long for most to commit time to reading, so he sums it up at the end, much to your pleasure.

Graphic Reviews (Cait): Looking for you next favorite graphic novel? Check out what we have to say and the new and the old with Graphic Reviews.

A Bard’s Eye View (Ryan): let us educate you about music trends and facts in this wonderful segment.

En-gage (Ashley):  a weekly post about being near, at, and within words.