Moviephores: The Thing About “The Thing”

The Thing About “The Thing” John Carpenter’s The Thing has aged like a fine wine. Pulling in a meager box office and panned reviews upon its release in 1982, it has since gathered an ever-growing cult following. With this age of over-saturated CG blockbuster epics, as beautiful as they may […]

Prometheus: The Balance of Stupid and Clever

Perhaps the greatest mystery spawned from Prometheus is my joy of it. I can’t figure out why I like this movie. I feel like every time I watch it, I discover another script cliché, unanswered question, illogical motive or plot-hole. And it overall lacks the unique science fiction intrigue and/or […]

Moviephors: Metawars – A Brief Look at Star Wars Metaphors

Metawars – A Brief Look at Star Wars Metaphors Every film hides its own metaphors. Whether intentional or not, or requiring a particular worldview or perspective, the best and worst films in history have their own metaphors and/or symbolism rife within them. We simply need to look. Star Wars is […]

Moviephors: The War on Aliens

The War on Aliens Moviephors – Metaphors in Movies, an Introduction Here is a quick breakdown on the concept of this article. Every other Sunday I will be posting a small essay on the metaphors or symbolism found in a particular film. Said metaphors may not be direct, but in […]