Graphic Reviews: The Casebook of Rabbit Black

The Casebook of Rabbit Black This week I’ll be returning to my traditional review style with a look at a relatively new webcomic that combines a hardboiled detective story with a bit of magic, a la Harry Dresden. The Casebook of Rabbit Black is an interesting genre blend that pits […]

Digital Beard Stroking: You got some Cosplay-ning to do

Continuing in the vein of parasocial interactions and our investment in fictitious characters, we can see the gradation of involvement in those avatars and how much we identify with them.  Previously, I talked about how we tailor our heroes to our own identities and project ourselves onto them.  Now, there’s […]

Graphic Reviews: The Sandman

Awhile back, almost a year ago in fact, I talked about a little book called The Sandman: Overture here on Graphic Reviews. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who immensely enjoyed it! This year, Overture won the Hugo award for Best Graphic Story. For those unfamiliar with the Hugo […]

Artificial Happiness

In this episode we find a new path, level up and use the mighty drake sword to slay the Black Knight… still rather ineptly though.

Boxed Culture: Community or Clique?

Community or Clique? So this weekend an article by a tumblr blogger named latining went viral within the board gaming community. The article is here but be warned it has some very graphic descriptions of some events that have happened to a person or people in the board gaming community in Canada […]

Boxed Culture: The Fulfillment-en-ing

Kickstarter is a very strange beast. People use it to help fund passions they have. Companies use it as a medium to measure demand for potentially risky endeavors. Some organizations even use it to promise the future and most of them even follow through! About a year ago I got […]

Boxed Culture: An Entertaining Interlude.

A while ago I was asked by my friend Philip from Noiseless Chatter to partake in a project. At the time it was a secret project in which he had chosen many different individuals to pick something specific to use to tell a story about them self. The thing they had to […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Starting Off With A Bang

Starting off with a Bang Some intense songs that begin an album More often than not, lead singles from an album are typically the second, third, and fourth songs from the album as many artists have opted to begin the album with something a little more obscure to help you […]