Daily Archives: October 22, 2014

Roll the List 17: Garion’s Take

For this segment of Roll the List, I opted to pick ten aspects of the worst songs and artists. 1. “Hidden” tracks. You know what I really love about rocking out to my favorite tunes while I drive to work? The five minutes of silence before another song starts to […]

Roll the List 17: Kyle’s Take

This Roll the List presents a breadth of opportunity. The top 10 worst songs or artists chosen by me! These free-for-all lists are the ones I love the most because if they ever come up again you can bet they will be quite different. 10. Chocolate – The 1975: have you […]

Roll the List #17, Dalton’s Take

Roll the List #17: 10 Worst Songs/Music Artists, Dalton’s Take As are most fans of music, I am particular and vocal about the bands and songs I like, and even more so about the bands and songs I don’t. The only genre I struggle to find even a speckle of […]