Roll the List #10, Kyle’s Take

Roll the List #10: Top 5 Best Movies Free-For-All, Kyle’s Take

This week we do our first “Free For All”. This is a genre in which we just choose any and everything we want with in the bounds of the topic, this week that is movies. So excited for this so lets just get going!

Andy Samburg as the character i think is most like his real life persona.


5. Hot Rod– I watched this movie in college for literally an entire year whilst playing World of Warcraft. This movie has the ultimate Zoolander effect and quotability is off the charts. I have yet to see another comedy that was so often watched and quoted in my friend group than this movie. This is why it will always hold a special place on this list.

It is NOT a touching movie with a merman love story…


4. Cabin in the Woods  This movie was everything I always wanted in a campy horror film. On top of that, it has an amazing cast and keeps you guessing the majority of the movie. If you are one of the people who spoiled this movie for anyone you need to die. The twist is amazing and exactly what I didn’t know I wanted.

TV dinners never aged so well.

3. Die Hard This movie is by far my favorite action movie. So many good lines, a great plot, and amazing underdog action. it has kept me coming back for more, even up through the last one. I love that this movie is so old and still maintains its charm even to this day. I will always go to this movie for a good time.

Could not find an image that would not be spoiler-ific that also had Sydney’s face so you get this!

2.Scream 3 This one is perhaps a mystery to many people. I have a truly large respect for two horror movie directors, one being Wes Craven the other coming up next. If you watch all of the scream movies up to this one and really pay attention to what is happening this movie becomes incredibly intricate. Barring the second movie’s distance from the Scream central plot the only other movie that I feel is comparable to Scream 3′s large amount of meta-intricacy is Wes Craven’s New Nightmare; however, Scream was my original because of when I was born, but they both are great movies.

Who put this hobo in charge and how did he get one of the flamethrower?

1. The Thing The Thing will forever and always be one of my favorite movies. It has an amazing story, action, horror, suspense, and fucking titular model/animatronic design. It manages to combine the best parts of a monster horror movie with the best parts of a suspense thriller movie. *Spoilers* The scene in which the blood tests are taking place in order to figure out whose blood will react to the burning hot wire thus leaving to a crazy friend-turned-monster killing another perfectly epitomizes this feeling. Also the fact that it takes place completely in the arctic, but the alien is trying to escape makes it that much more like an alien extinction movie. The last aspect of this movie is that it has lots of flame throwers, thus making every small fight feel like a crazy action movie because everything is always on fire.


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