Roll the List #11, Kyle’s Take

Roll the List #11: Top 3 Underrated Sci-Fi Comics, Kyle’s Take

An awesome and shorter list this week folks. Sci-fi comic books are really giving superhero comics a run for their money, in my opinion. I don’t consider superhero comic books to be in the same genre as sci-fi because usually the worlds are too large. So lumping the genres together makes it incredibly hard to find anything but superhero comics, so do not expect any here.

3. Rocket Girl – Rocket Girl is a very awesome comic about a female cop who gets sent back in time whilst fighting crime. The catch? She is only a young girl, no older than 15. This comic was presented to me as a teenage-issues comic; however, it ended up being so much more. With intricate time travel story lines, an amazing take on the future of morals in our society and awesome characters it is definitely one I would pick up if you like Sci-Fi comics.

3.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW 2011) – The Newest Eastman TMNT comic is the best! I have not really been that negative with much of the TMNT media that has come out recently because I am a fan boy, but this comic has everything I grew up with. Nickelodeon is doing a great job with the new franchise. They brought back Krang, Diminsion X, Mutants, and other iconic villains and heroes from the old show and the first black and white Eastman series. It is also not just for kids anymore. There are a lot of very dark themes in the new series, so be ready for some seriously intense moments.

1. The Luther Strode Series- I bought the first trade of this because the cover looks intense (refer to above picture). I opened it up the day it arrived, read it, and realized this is everything I wanted Kick-Ass to be. This comic is hyper-violent and full of secret powers in a modern day setting. It also has one of the most brutally intense story lines in any comic I have read to date. It starts off with a stereotypical nerdy kid who just wants to bulk up. He orders a work-out book from the back of a comic and it works! He gets buff, he gets fast, he gets large, and he gets more aggressive. Please take my word that this series is amazing and give it a shot.

So there we go, please make sure you comment on the list if you have any comments or differing opinions. Also please check out these comics, you will not regret it!

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