Roll the List #12: Kyle’s Take

Here is an old Roll the List the never got posted. So enjoy it!

This week is a pretty uninteresting list in my opinion. we are taking a look at Top 3 Controversial Party Games. These three games are pretty obvious and I am gonna choose them!

3. Clusterfuck: I have yet to play this game but it looks like it could be pretty rad. If you played this game with with couples and single people i can only image shit gets real fast. I would love to play this game with my friends because they have the perfect attitude for games like this. It seems like we could definitely have a great but other groups may be a little bit on edge about the theme of the game.

2. Dirty Minds: This game was introduced to me by my family, which says a lot about my family… it says they love me duh. It was pretty fun and definitely a great play if you have friends that can like to think in dirty ways. Which makes it way more fun. you grab a card read the clues and have to think of the non dirty work people are describing with dirty clues. This is number two because it is not as big as cards but it is bigger than Clusterfuck.

1. Cards against Humanity: I will hardly ever play a game of Cards Against Humanity. it is probably the most boring premise for a game ever created; however, it has birthed some of the most unholy combinations of words since Rebecca Black sang Friday. and for that is has won my number one spot on this list. This is also one of the games that can be played with a billion people and still manages to actually be played.

Well that was a short one but a boring one next time folks!

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