Roll the List # 19: Kyle’s Take

Top 5 Cult Shooter Video Games is the topic this week. This one is a great topic and I cannot wait to see what my other members from The Aeither put on their lists.

5. GoldenEye– This was on of the first games we all ever played probably. The RCP90 was my jam in this game. Thinking back I can barely remember the levels and stuff and I feel like I need to go back and play this game as it was not only a fantastic game but it accompanied the resurgence of the James Bond movies for my generation.

4. Counter-Strike: I used to play this game vs. bots on the original X-Box while listening to the used in my parents basement in high school. Yeah….maybe a bit to much information there, but i will answer you questions anyway. No I was not on drugs, not i was not cutting, and not I was not not a loner, this game brings back very fond memories but i still never got into the huge multi-player scene that some people go ti not I was fine just playing bots and losing a lot to Uzi’s

3. Halo 2 – Halo 2 will always be in my heart and I know people still play it today at parties and stuff. Who doesn’t love just pwning some n00bs with a energy sword or blowing someone up with double needlers (my personal Favorite). This game kind of changed the FPS genre for me because of the dual-wielding. not many games after let you hold multiple weapons. the only one i can recall at this moment is Borderlands 2 and that was just Salvador’s special ability.

2. Turok: Rage Wars – This game was so amazing. this game had a mode, called Frag Tag, where one person was a monkey and had to try to survive everyone hunting them. it also had one of the coolest weapons I saw up until Ratchet and Clank came out, The Cerebral Bore. The strange grey orb shoots out a homing projectile that seeks the targets head, latching on to it, drills a hole through their skull and puts an explosive in it and then explodes. All of this happening with in seconds, mind you. this gun was the gun you run away from when someone gets it in multi-player.

1. Unreal Tournament – These games are my favorite of all time (See the previous article we did a while back!). in that article you will see read about my love for the fast paced game play the high kill counts the visceral explosions, and the one and only flakk cannon. It will always and forever be one of my favorite games.

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