Roll the List! #2 Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Comedy Video Games, Kyle

Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Comedy Video Games

After giving this category some thought I’ve changed my definition of guilty pleasure. At first I thought it was something that you have to defend because other people didn’t like it. However now I reverted to a more simplistic definition of guilty pleasure, which is just, “do I feel any pain of judgement when I meant that I like the thing?”, this makes it slightly easier for me to pick stuff that I haven’t necessarily played, but I definitely would be slightly embarrassed saying I enjoy. Because the category is comedy, I’m going to extend guilty pleasure to mean something that I’ll admit that I feel embarrassed about laughing with as well.


5. Catherine – We are going to start with the game that I’ve never played before but one I was completely interested in buying numerous times but never had the money to. The theme of this game just seems so amazing to me and the fact that it is just about a beautiful woman is like another reason I just totally dig it. Plus an amazing blog called the Drunken Moggle created a drink for every character run in this game, they all look amazing.



4. Skate – This game makes the list purely because of the physics engine. In this game bodies do some stuff that you should never ever see. This is hilarious to me because it just leads to the most crazy situations, such as…







I will let the game speak for it self, here’s a link:

Helix Snake’s top 50 favorite Skate 3 clips

3. Guitar Hero – I love Guitar Hero. I love this game because I’m good at it and I think that the music is amazing and the theme is hilarious. Having to play the devil in the devil came down to Georgia is hilarious. Any musical game that references This is Spinal Tap, has my vote for comedy.

That Poor unknowing drummer. The reason I feel this is a guilty pleasure game is because every time I tell someone I play guitar hero I get that fucking grin. That grin that says you just wasted your time playing an electronic plastic guitar when you could have been learning a real one. The unlimited amount of, “you should have just spent your time learning to play a real guitar” does get to me sometimes, but to those people I only have one thing to say: I also spend a lot of time learning to play the drums in rock band as well so at least I’m multi-faceted!


2. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – This fucking game. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent fishing for new fish, well I could but then you would really understand why I call this a guilt pleasure game. This game is a guilt pleasure in the same way as Guitar Hero except tenfold. Literally all the things you wasted you time on means diddly and you don’t even level up. The comedy aspect of this game is all economic. You basically are living a version of you in real life in a town full of animals who trade you bells (in game currency) for fucking anything. Got a random bug off a tree here, 100,000 bells!






The Golden Hercules the most rare of all Beetles I’m not quite sure exactly what these animals do with all this stuff, I hope they just eat most of it. As someone who studied economics, I find this trading system hilarious to be part of.

1. Manhunt 2- this series is not a comedy series and, in fact, the first game in this series you will most likely see on many of my other video game lists. This game literally fits the definition of the comedy guilt pleasure I described in the beginning. I laugh at what happened in this game and am slightly embarrassed about playing it. This game was generally despised by most audiences due to its sharp veer away from the hyper violent nature of the first one. And the screen getting harder and harder to see as the kills just make me scoff and laugh at how censorship works. I know this guy is still brutally murdering someone, but wait a red filter in front of it what is going on now!? It is the video game equilibrium of beeping out curse words. On top of all of this I am pretty sure that there is more that uses funny weapons in this game, so just in case.






This list was pretty difficult even though it was only five. Finding a comedy game is hard enough let alone trying to figure out why you never want to tell your friend you have even heard of said game. You will frequently see on these lists a divergence from what is normal. This one being a prime example of having to redefine what we call a comedy game in light of the other aspects we roll. I think this is the real bread and butter of these articles. As always check Dalton’s post for a recap on our cross overs!

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