Roll the List #22: Dalton’s Take

Roll the List #22: Head-To-Head Underrated Comedy Comic, Dalton’s Take

As I have mentioned previously, I lack the expansive experience in the comic book medium (outside of Marvel) to tackle this topic in a way I consider worthy. To exacerbate the problem, the category of “underrated” is constricting, immediately disqualifying nearly every Marvel character-led piece (including the ever-popular Deadpool and Kyle’s choice Rocket Raccoon). So I was led down the path of obscure choices, which brought me to this little gem, Saga. And before I am assaulted with “that comic isn’t that funny…”….Ahem:

Saga is set in a universe in which our intergalactic brethren on the other side of space find magic and fairy-tale creatures commonplace, blended with 50’s science fiction and exercises in theoretical science, intergalactic cultures, and thought-provoking experiments in imaginative species. Yes, Saga demonstrates some heavy themes, social commentary, and is centered around a drama-induced love story…But dangit, if it doesn’t have some of the best dark and sardonic humor in comics.

Rocket Raccoon is by no means as serious as Saga can be at times, I will admit. But what I will argue is that Rocket Raccoon is no longer underrated. Considered a major success, Guardians of the Galaxy has brought Rocket and his big pal Groot into the mainstream. Rocket Raccoon’s comic is not as much an underrated tale of a talking raccoon that only a handful of people even know exists. It is more so a surfboard that is riding the wave of Rocket’s recent success on the big screen. That, in my opinion, is not underrated, but is in fact overrated. Rocket is a humorous little raccoon, but hardly one that isn’t popularly appreciated post-cinematic-Guardians of the Galaxy.

Saga, on the other hand, while well-received, is underrated in regards to its lack of popular recognition. While it is less so a straight-forward comedy, like the slapsticking Rocket, it is a book that will have you laughing on nearly every page. And by laughing, I mean actually laughing, not chuckling at Rocket one-liners that haven’t thrived since 80’s action movies. But, c’mon…I don’t have time to argue this…so…

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