Roll the List #24 Dalton’s Take

Top 10 Party Music, Dalton’s Take

I am not much for partying. I don’t have a taste for alcohol and I am rather claustrophobic. Lots of people in a small amount of space with blaring music is not my cup of tea. I therefore do not have a particular portion of my heart set aside for music that commonly accompanies said environments. However, I do have music that I am fond of that regularly plays the part of auditory atmosphere during small get-togethers. Such music is the closest I can get to applying to this topic and its lengthy expectations at 10 choices.

Andrew WK – Party, party, party! It’s time to have a party! Nothing says “party music” like a guy who only sings about partying. If you limit your Andrew sessions to only parties, he doesn’t become tedious quite as quickly.


The Matrix Soundtrack – This is about as close to “real” techno as I get, particularly dance music. I love a good beat in my songs, even a techno-ish sound, but I tend to feel these songs lack the emotion I often look for in music. Having said that, I couldn’t get enough of this soundtrack as a kid.

Dropkick Murphys – Nothing says drinking and dancing in all the right ways like Dropkick. I may not be big on the vampire set, but even I can appreciate some good Irish-themed rock.

Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker – I lied when I said The Matrix soundtrack was the closest I got to techno. I dive deeper into the pseudo-genre than I thought. USS is a sound I am pretty addicted to, in and out of parties.

Young the Giant – Not really party music of any kind, but if any band possessed the capability to get me to consider disrobing in front of drunken public, it would be this band.

Blink-182 circa 1996 – I’m pretty sure playing them at a party will time travel you into late 90s teen rom-coms. Not a bad place to be if you happen to look like Freddy Prince Junior and Rachel Leigh Cook went to your high school.

New Politics – I’ve heard a few of their songs and they seem to fall right into the category of simple fun. They aren’t looking to tug at your heart strings and they have a poppy sound that twitches your dancing sole…or soul…or both.

Silversun Pickups – With their catchy rhythm that transcends much of their tracks, they have the ability to keep a party stabilized even as it slows and speeds up in tempo from song to song.

Catch-22/Less Than Jake/Five Iron Frenzy – SKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Murphy – Let’s not hassle with lyrics and the trouble of “words”. Sometimes instrumental is just the way to go for the more sophisticated party.

OVERLAP: Kyle and I matched up with Less Than Jake and that was it. There are certainly some bands on my list he wouldn’t be caught dead at a party listening to, but the same goes for me and his choices. As it usually goes at any public gathering with music, you are going to hear something that makes you want to start blaring with your tone deaf vocal chords, and you are going to hear something that makes you want to blow your head off with a shotgun from one ear to the other. That’s just how life works. And in most scenarios it is a good idea to just keep your internal preferences to yourself.

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