Roll the List #26: Kyle’s Take

Top 5 Underrated Cartoon TV Shows

My Favorite part about Roll The List is that we kind of have the freedom and writers to make the lists our own. This list was one that I though exemplified this to a “T”. I have chosen to redefine cartoon as animated to give myself a little more breathing room. Also it was hard to thing of what an underrated cartoon was. Do I pick ones my friends haven’t seen or do I choose a cartoon I love that people who are asked know nothing about? I choose the latter. My friends and I typically like a lot of similar things so it would be nearly impossible for me to find something they would not enjoy at least a little bit; however, when I ask people I work with or “randos” they seem to draw a blank and give me the “Sure I will check it out” only to have the same blank expression the next time I ask. So for all you other non friends out there, here is the same shit I have been telling you for a while.


5. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (Created by Thurop Van Orman) – I love pirates and tales of the open sea. The salty air blowing though your nostrils and the rush of standing on the bow of a ship. Flapjack doesn’t really do any of this but it definitely gives you the feel of living in the floating sea town called Stormalong Harbor. Flapjack is very much one of those shows that can be enjoyed by adults and kids so feel free to watch the adventures…errrr misadventures of Flapjack and his Captain K’nuckles. I always tell people to watch this show if they enjoy Adventure Time and they really like pirates.

drinky show


4. The Drinky Crow Show (Created by Eric Kaplan and Tony Millionaire)- I will follow Flapjack with another show about pirates. The Drinky Crow Show a far more adult style show about a drunken crow and his alcoholic monkey uncle (and no this is not the last show on this list with heavy alcoholism). Drinky and his uncle Gabby are constantly under assault by the French navy played entirely by crocodiles. This show is a bit on the graphic side but it is extremely entertaining. If people enjoy the limits that are established by most Adult Swim programming then they will really enjoy the one season of this show.


3. Haikyū!! (Created by Haruichi Furudate)- And now for something completely different. Haikyū!! is an animated Japanese show about high school volleyball. I used to scoff and guffaw at anime about sports; but Haikyū!! really changed my mind about the whole thing. Never in my life would I have thought that I would be sitting on the edge of my seat as my home team of Karasuno battles their way to victory. I suggest this show to anyone who is looking for a new anime that is about an odd subject matter. Also I love volleyball.


2. Rick and Morty (Created by Justin Roiland & Dan Harmon)- The only reason I am putting Rick and Morty lower than #1 is because I think more people have seen it than my actual #1. Dan Harmon is the creator of a little show called Community, one of the greater TV comedies that has happened in a long time. Rick and Morty is his chance to get his truly funny messed up ideas out of his head. The man is incredibly intelligent and the stories in the show are not only entertaining but well thought out and hilarious. I suggest this show to anyone looking for a new show to watch and the best part is it is easy to catch up on with only one season so far.


1. China, IL (Created by by Brad Neely)- Did you know the man who wrote the Washington Rap and Wizard People, Dear Reader did a TV Show?!? Wait, you have never seen those two things. stop reading now and go watch them they are hyper linked , I’ll wait….

3 hours later…

RIGHT!! Great Stuff!! Well Brad Neely did a show about the Professor Brothers….Oh my god, seriously? You haven’t seen that either….go a head I hyperlinked that for you too, I’ll wait again…

More hours later…

Okay now that you are all up to snuff I feel like this part of the article is kind of moot. China, IL is a great show and Brad Neely is an amazing animator/writer who comes up with some of the funniest stuff I have seen on the internet to date. I was so excited when I saw he had got a show I Dookied a Shooter…..haha. This show is another I tell everyone to watch because it is so close to my heart along with the film Wizard People, Dear Reader.

I hope you watch some of these shows off this list because there is some seriously quality animated television on this list. Have a good week!

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