Roll The List #4: Kyle’s Take

Op-Ed Controversial Co-Op Movie Moment

The Final Cut

I feel the most controversial scene was the interaction between Fletcher (James Caviezel) and Hakman’s (Robin Williams) at the end of the movie. This scene truly epitomizes the controversy in the movie. It might seem pretty stereotypical that the antagonist and the protagonist are the two characters that represent the conflict but all I have to say to that is….duh, how else would a movie work. As any good review I will spoil the shit out of this movie so be aware I have said it…


In the scene at the end of the movie we see Fletcher, sitting in front of the guillotine, the computer device that is used to cut memories. He states that Hakman’s life will now mean something because he will help the initially fall of EYE Tech, the company who makes and installs the ZOE implants. The scene is controversial in the sense that, not only have the rolls reversed and flipped, but also, it showcases the two views on the ZOE implants.

There was too much masturbation in this man’s life we had to destroy the chip, sir.

The role reversal is a key part of this scene. The entire movie Fletcher is fighting for the right for people not to be remembered the way the cutters see them. He is convinced that cutters are only good for making bad people look like saints. Later Hakman describes himself to Fletcher as a sin-eater, a person who takes other’s wrongdoings so they can pass on to the afterlife unhindered. Fletcher expresses his distain with this life style. In the end of the movie we now have Fletcher reliving his role as a cutter in order to destroy that which makes cutting happen. He is selectively cutting Hakman’s in order to gather information from a previous client.

I’m sad but happy so I made my buddies memories sad but happy!

The second instance of controversy is how the ZOE implants are viewed. As mentioned before, each character represents the two sides of a coin that are the implants. On one side we have Hakman, who views the ZOE implant as absolution of “sin.” He believes it gives people the ability to have perfect immortality. On the other hand we have Fletcher, who views the implants as basically a civil rights violation. The end scene is amazing because Fletcher is literally spilling out all of Fletcher’s secrets, of the sin-eater Hakman and violating all sense of any civil rights he was fighting for earlier. In a strange opposite way Hakman is also in a different position. He has had to have every last secret he has in his head exposed and does not get to have a sinless death, because the only person who sees his Rememory, the movie the cutters make, is seeing all of his sin. It is literally amazing. 

If we were not at a funeral right now I would totally punch your face

When I first finished this movie I was really not impressed. The culmination of the Hakman absolution plot seems trivial to the rest of the movie yet they continued to focus on it. At the same time I really appreciate Dalton picking this movie for the topic. Watching it through the lenses of a controversial Co-Op movie has really made it sweet. I was very glad the movie did not end when Hakman figured his shit out, because the real story ended when Fletcher had to sacrifice everything he was. If you have not seen The Final Cut it is on Netflix Instant Play and it is worth a shot. See you peeps next week.

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