Arkham Horror

Addicted To Cards: Two Lowly Investigators – The City of Archives

Addicted To Cards Two Lowly Investigators – The City of Archives This week on addicted to cards we get a visit from Two Lowly Investigators, Kyle and Tyler. Today, they are reviewing the fourth pack of the Forgotten Age cycle, The City of Archives. There are lots of good solo […]

The LCG: Persona Carcosa

Persona Carcosa I have been playing, reviewing, and just overall immersed in Arkham Horror since it came out at the end of last year. I have even gotten involved in doing pack reviews for my local shop! Very soon the game is coming out with its second deluxe expansions and, […]

Boxed Culture: No 18XX Is Not My Username or Password

During our last weekly board game day/night I¬†was talking another avid cardboard collector (read board game addict). We started discussing his experience the week before with his first 18XX game. He told me he went to a convention that the people from a gaming group called Heavy Cardboard threw and […]

Boxed Culture: Similar Mechanics, Different Games (Part 1) 1

This time on Game Corner I am going to discuss how similar mechanics can affect how people view, play and judge games. The market place for games currently is booming, some even say we might be in a bubble (which is a topic for another article, possibly a Garion and […]