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Con Talk: Denver ComicCon 2016, Day 2 – Dalton

Denver ComicCon 2016, Day 2 Dalton That’s right, it’s me! Dalton! And I’m back to ramble about some of the headliner panels from this year’s 2nd day of the con! I had the pleasure of sneaking into the panels for Katee Sackhoff, Karl Urban and Stan Lee. And I’ve got […]

Boxed Culture: Hidden Agendas

Hidden Agendas This weekend co-writer Cait posted on Facebook about Cthulhu, our glorious savior, and his influence on board games. It was a funny Dork Tower comic about how Cthulhu’s ability to be Integrated into any game making the game more fun. Cait very much dislikes Game of Thrones: […]