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The Living Card Guy: Faith’s Reward

Faith’s Reward Welcome back everyone, today we are continuing our preview of Apoka’s deluxe expansion, Defenders of the Faith. Last week we covered what Faith is and how we get it. Today we are going to look at two cards that want Faith on the board to work. So without […]

The Living Card Guy: Events to Start a War Over

Events to Start a War Over   I love new cards. Whenever a new pack comes out for any LCG I get stoked. One of my favotire parts aobut cracknig a new pack is the abiltiy to start thinking about combos and deck archetypes that can be created from one […]

The Living Card Guy: Big, Expensive, and Bad?

Big, Expensive, and Bad? Today I would like to focus on one of my favorite topics in card games: Big Cards. The ones that you see and you think,”Holy wow! That is a lot of (insert game’s currency here).” Today I want to talk about a few and try to […]