A Bard’s Eye View: Artist Profile – Mirrorthrone

Artist Profile Mirrorthrone Country of origin: Switzerland Genres: Symphonic black metal, avant-garde metal, extreme metal Years active: 2000-current Current members: Vladimir Cochet (all instruments and vocals) Number of albums: 3 Number of concerts attended: 0 This is a new project I’m working on.  I will often be doing pieces on […]

A Bard’s Eye View: At Long Last

At Long Last Gaps Between Albums Before the internet, when album sales were a direct metric of musical success, it was common to expect an album an every year. Sometimes, you could expect an album twice in a year. This was actually quite common in the 1960s and 1970s with […]

A Bard’s Eye View: Like a Butterfly?

Like a Butterly? Uh, sure As music evolves and things change, so too can change the name of a band.  I’m not talking about Prince, Snoop Dog/Lion/That Guy that Likes Gin and Juice (laid back), or Sean Combs StayPuft Daddy, I’m talking about when bands go through lineup changes or […]