The Hyperlane Report: Dice Based Pseudonyms – Legacies

Dice Based Pseudonyms


Everyone excited for another entry in, probably, the best segment I don’t even creatively partake in! If you wanna know more about what this segment is, go here. This set had some really funny names and also some great cards so get ready for a pretty fun time!

Modified HWK-290 – Turtle Ship

Modified HWK-290

I’ll give you a hint the leftmost wing is the turtle’s head.

Yoda – It’s just Yoda


Well, it is!

Mother Talzin – Twi’lek Snoke

Mother Talzin

Do all weird looking aliens looks the same?

Ground Battalion – Stormtrooper Boom Cannon

Ground Battalion


Fragmentation Grenade – Robot Grenade

Fragmentation Grenade

Is anyone really sure Deathtroopers are not robots?

Jar Jar Binks – Well You Gotta Jar Jar

Jar Jar Binks

Well, I did…

BB-9E – Evil BB-8


More like BB-H8er, am I right?

Respite – The card where Anakin talks about sand for a long time


Technically not a dice card but it made me laugh.

Rebellion Leader – The Jolly Good Fellow

Rebellion Leader

He does kinda look like one of Robin Hood’s merry men…

Crystal Ball – Tiny Sun

Crystal Ball

Little known fact Nightsisters drink a lot of Sunny D!

Greedo – Cantina Guy


I think the Chalmun’s Cantina needs a new PR guy if this is who people think of when the establishment is brought up

Kallus’s Bo-rifle – Space Trident

Kallus' Bo-Rifle

So are the Lasat are the Atlantians of the Star Wars universe!

Dark Advisor – Russian Kylo Ren 

Dark Advisor

chto Lightsaber … Eto prinadlezhit mne!

Agent Kallus – Magneto 


when you see it…

Jedi Temple Guard – Cobra Commander

Jedi Temple Guard

Turns out all full metal masks just look kinda evil.

Well, that is it for this set folks. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Let me know in the comments if you think about these or if you have any funny nicknames you came up with when you saw the dice for the first time! Time to jump…


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