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Bearded Clansmen of the Vale Episode 9: The Fury and The Watch

This week the Bearded Clansmen, Kyle, Son of Kyle and Shaggy Dom, talk about the new spoilers from the Baratheon Deluxe expansion, Fury of the Storm! Then we talk about a new deck Dom built that steals your stuff and uses it against you!

Bearded Clansmen of the Vale: Episode 6 – Top 5: Dance of Shadows Cycle

Top 5: Dance of Shadows Cycle On this episode, Kyle Son of Kyle and shaggy Dom talk about their favorite cards from the Dance of Shadows cycle. Turns out The March on Winterfell is one of the better packs according to our picks, but what other cards did we choose?!?

The Living Card Guy: Coping with Change

The Living Card Guy In this new segment, Boxed Culture author Kyle Hagan will cover all the cool stuff he does with Living Card Games (LCGs).  Since Boxed Culture is more board game-centric, these articles are meant to pull the LCG articles out, so they can live free on their own. […]