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Bearded Clansmen of the Vale: Episode 6 – Top 5: Dance of Shadows Cycle

Top 5: Dance of Shadows Cycle On this episode, Kyle Son of Kyle and shaggy Dom talk about their favorite cards from the Dance of Shadows cycle. Turns out The March on Winterfell is one of the better packs according to our picks, but what other cards did we choose?!?

Roll the List #37: Ryan’s Take 2

Top 5 Cult RPG Video Games Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to RPGs, I am a traditionalist.  I prefer my games to be in the JRPG style with the turn-based format.  While I do enjoy action-RPGs, I haven’t really gotten to experience the newer western-style RPGs […]

Roll the List #37: Kyle’s Take 1

Top 5 Cult RPG Video Games Today on Roll the List we are all looking at our top 5 favorite cult video game RPGs. I love these cult lists because they always push me to not just think of what is popular but what makes me just giddy when I […]